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Massive Gaming is now servicing Free to Play social casino games where users can Play and Earn(PnE)! Massive Gaming has been optimizing our games for years to provide users the best casino game experience. It is obvious that users in a community polish and complete the game economy. Thus, it is evident that users should be rewarded for their dedication to the economy, and that they should be able to fully own their reward. Through collaboration with Intella X, we implemented blockchain technology to our economy, so that users can truly own their reward in decentralized value.


We have seen numerous efforts to make decentralized blockchain games by other game developers. We are taking a step forward, making a slightly different approach from our predecessors. Our goal is to make a "Sustainable Play and Earn" social casino game. We believe preceding "Play to Earn" games lack sustainability. Such a lack of sustainability comes from unstable token reward-based tokenomics. Users' motivation for spending tokens should not be a guaranteed return of more tokens. When the supply of tokens created surpasses the demand for the tokens, the token price ought to fall. Economy with plummeting token prices is no longer sustainable as the user's motivation for the token reduces. We believe this happens because game tokens are printed out from thin air. If printing out tokens cost companies fortunes, they would have taken measures to solve inflation. If tokens had more intrinsic value, users would have to worry less about their game value vanishing.
Our conclusion to this challenge is that token governance should be separated from gaming companies. Thus, we are using USDC as our main reward token.


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